Daniel Nimmervoll

Developer Generalist


I have always been programming since the day I got my first pc and made my first steps with QBASIC. The last few years have been an exciting road from being a GMC Developer and writing production scripts in Python and a C++ like scripting language to writing desktop applications in Delphi ("Who would have thought that ;") in the jewelery industry. After almost three years of diving in to decades old code, refactoring, rethinking and implementing new architecture, while introducing CI/CD, I took some time for working on my game fulltime. Now I a new chapter with my own company has begun. Although I think the journey is never over, I am always excited to embrace a change and try the best.

Work Experiences

Web Developer

dahoon-studios | 2020 - Present

Currently I am self-employed at my own company (dahoon studios). We are developing websites, web-applications and custom solutions for our customers. Also we try our skills at game-development when we can find the time- like participating in Game Jams. Curious? Have a look here !

Senior Software Engineer

Swarovski | 2017 - 2019

I was working in the human machine interfaces and data management department. We were engineering new machines in an agile environment collaborating closely with the plc (programmable logic controller) and image recognition department. My responsibilities ranged from dll implementations for communication interfaces, CI/CD solutions to database programming, UI Design and software architecture changes and implementations.

Head of Print & IT

smart letter & Services | 2011 - 2016

In this leading position, I gained a lot of experience in project management and software based process optimization. In addition to coordinating daily business I was responsible for analyzing and improving production process and corresponding interfaces with my team and other departments.

GMC Developer

smart letter & Services | 2010 - 2011

I had to manage and process client campaign data across the full production lifecycle, while ensuring high levels of data quality and availability and meeting project deadlines.

What I offer

  • team ability and a talent to give constructive critisicm
  • tested and well structured code
  • motivation to dive into a new topic and develop new skills
  • overarching knowledge, built through several years of working in different fields
  • curiosity towards modern technologies and innovation

What I am looking for

  • a spot in a dynamic, open and fun team
  • tasks that challenge me to keep growing
  • a product that I can be passionate about and that is fun working on
  • working in a company where i can make peoples life better